Prime Advice

Don’t stay up so late.

Ask authentic questions,


Create strong and honest relationships.

Make meaningful plans,


Be happy to see people.

Express genuine gratitude,


Acknowledge how another has triumphed.

Show candid compassion,


Take Your Time

Don’t let the world convince you that because you didn’t leave everything behind and move to a different state or country and start a new life that you’re not living your dream. If you’re convinced that you have to get up and go in order to pursue the life you’ve always wanted, by all means, go for it. But take the time to make sure it’s the right choice. Many dreams come true simply by sticking around long enough to understand how the pieces of our lives are supposed to fit together.

Goodbye, friend.

Goodbye RadarWednesday afternoon I said goodbye to my best friend and the greatest companion animal I’ve ever known: my Radar Dog. It’s truly unbelievable the circumstances in which we sometimes find ourselves, and this month has been full of them for me.

To make a long story short, I had to find Radar a new home. The woman who adopted him absolutely adores him and she’s going to dote on him day in and day out, which is what he needs. It’s one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made, but I know it’s what is best for him.

Goodbye, Radar. I love ya, little guy.

Naming the Toasters

Macs and iPhones over the years

  • Van Gough: 15″ PowerBook G4
  • da Vinci: 13″ Macbook Air
  • Eleanor: 13″ Macbook Air
  • Infinite Loop: 11″ Macbook Air
  • Eve: Mac Mini
  • Valkill: iPhone 4
  • Jeejah: iPhone 4S
  • RGB Phone: iPhone 5

I don’t remember what my first few iPhones were named, and I still need to settle on a name for my current iPhone 6 Plus. It has turned out to be the best iPhone yet by far. After using an iPhone for 8 years, I’ve finally reached a level with the iOS keyboard where I can get close to 100% accuracy without looking at the screen while taking notes in Evernote. It’s quite magical. Voice dictation is also delightfully accurate now. Editing photos is a breeze.

My phone is now my computer and most of the time my computer is a glorified TV.

I’ve watched iPhone/iOS evolve since the beginning, and it’s not an understatement for Tim Cook to say “These are the best iPhones we’ve ever made,” even if he repeats it every year.

Too Rad to Fail

I’ve been told “It gets better.” I’ve even told others that it gets better. But has it? Has my life gotten better, does it feel more liveable than it used to? Yes, actually.

Life can be confusing as Hell, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned, progressed, and grown as a person. In college I entered a discipline that aims to provide insight and a pathway to knowledge. I know it’s okay to be uncertain about some of the big things in life and simultaneously know for certain that things have gotten better.

In the past I’ve echoed the sentiment of the Existentialists that, “Hell is other people.” It’s not. Sure, other people can be terrible. They can be cruel and heartless, careless and hateful. But more often than not, the other people in my life–my people–have always helped make things better.

They make me smile. They surprise me. They enlighten me. I love the people in my life. Especially those I’ve seen recently and those I’ve seen often over the past few years. They’re each a shining example to me of the good in the world.

I love y’all. Thanks for helping me keep calm, stay centered, and feel fabulous. Stay strong–y’all are too rad to fail.