Hi, I’m Joshua. Welcome to my internet website.

I make things that bring me joy and put them on the internet.

This is a weblog where I sporadically post original content. I also spend a bit of time posting photos to Instagram, vlogging on YouTube, and casually linking to neat things on tumblr. Some days I even tweet a thing or two.


From 2008 – 2012 I attended Arizona State University as a member of ASU’s Leadership Scholarship Program. I majored in Philosophy with an emphasis in Ethics and LGBT Studies. While in school I was a Senator in the Undergraduate Student Government, served as Co-Director of ASU’s LGBTQ Coalition, and helped found genderWHAT?!: a student group for radical trans* and queer gender theorists. I created the RGB Star in August of 2012.

changemaker01.jpgIn Spring 2011, I served on the student steering committee that developed and designed Changemaker Central: a resource hub and innovation space whose mission is to catalyze and sustain student-driven social change and entrepreneurship.

After college I served for a year as Coordinator of the Phoenix Pride LGBT Center, where I worked with area non-profits and social service agencies to provide resources to the LGBTQ community. I managed the social and support groups that meet at the Center, and coordinated with facilitators and volunteers to provide continued support for the community in areas of health/wellness, aging, employment, education, and awareness.

LGBT Center2I’ve worked as a regional coordinator for the Roosevelt Institute: the nation’s largest student-based think tank. It was during this time that the Network published the Blueprint for Millennial America. I subsequently served for a term on the Network’s Student Board of Advisors.

Special Internet Projects

When inspiration strikes, I write Animals Taking Over: a fake news site reporting on the continuing conflict between humans and non-human animals (NHAs). For a complete explanation of Animals Taking Over, please visit the ATO about page.

you-got-thirty-artworkWorking together in 2015, my best friend Charlene Laney and I created and produced a podcast called You Got Thirty: a very nice podcast for very busy people. The podcast’s RSS feed will be deactivated soon, but you can continue to access You Got Thirty, from this YouTube playlist.

My longest-running internet project was RGB Vegan: a web show and podcast I created, wrote, produced, and hosted. RGB Vegan’s purpose was to spread the word about living a compassion-rich Vegan life for the animals, and is licensed under the Creative Commons.

rgb vegan banner

In 2017, I produced one season of the rgb.link web show, and the pilot episode and concept blog for Park Your Privilege.

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