Hi, I’m Joshua. Welcome to my internet website.

I make things that bring me joy and put them on the internet.

This is a weblog where I sporadically post original content. I also spend a bit of time posting photos to Instagram, vlogging on YouTube, and casually linking to neat things on tumblr. Some days I even tweet a thing or two.

These Days

I’m producing an independent documentary series called Park Your Privilege which utilizes the serene beauty and welcoming splendor of our National Parks as an open space for honest dialogue. Each installment offers viewers a unique Park experience while inviting us to explore the topic of privilege from diverse perspectives.


From 2008 – 2012 I attended Arizona State University as a member of ASU’s Leadership Scholarship Program. I majored in Philosophy with an emphasis in Ethics and LGBT Studies. While in school I was a Senator in the Undergraduate Student Government, served as Co-Director of ASU’s LGBTQ Coalition, and helped found genderWHAT?!: a student group for radical trans* and queer gender theorists.

I also served on the student steering committee that developed and designed Changemaker Central: a resource hub and innovation space whose mission is to catalyze and sustain student-driven social change and entrepreneurship.

After college I served for a year as Coordinator of the Phoenix Pride LGBT Center, where I worked with area non-profits and social service agencies to provide resources to the LGBTQ community. I managed the social and support groups that meet at the Center, and coordinated with facilitators and volunteers to provide continued support for the community in areas of health/wellness, aging, employment, education, and awareness.

I’ve worked as a regional coordinator for the Roosevelt Institute: the nation’s largest student-based think tank. It was during this time that the Network published the Blueprint for Millennial America. I subsequently served for a term on the Network’s Student Board of Advisors.

I created the RGB Star and founded Zero Sparc in August of 2012.

Past Internet Projects

For a period of time I wrote Animals Taking Over: a fake news site reporting on the continuing conflict between humans and non-human animals (NHAs).

Working together, my best friend Charlene Laney and I created and produced a podcast called You Got Thirty: a very nice podcast for very busy people.

My most significant independent project was RGB Vegan, a web show and podcast I created, wrote, produced, and hosted. RGB Vegan’s purpose was to spread the word about living a compassion-rich Vegan life for the animals, and is licensed under the Creative Commons.

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